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6 LED Grill Strobe

6 LED Grill Strobe

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Product specifications:

-Use high-power chips
-New LED technology reduces power consumption by 40% to 80%.
-Aluminum shell, high thermal conductivity, beautiful appearance.
-It will light up within microseconds, and the response speed is fast.
-LED lights, 1W is equivalent to 5W brightness of traditional car lights.
-The LED lamp has a long life, with an average life span of 50,000 hours.
-Easy to install, just connect it and use it.
-18 strobe modes (with power-off memory function)
-Application: Car/Motor/Truck/Truck

-Number of chips: 6pcs
-Color: white/yellow/red/blue/white red/white blue/white yellow/red blue
Voltage: 12V-24V
Waterproof rating: IPX-4
Life: 50000 hours
Material: Aluminum
Size: 11*2.8cm
Weight: 50 grams (single net weight)

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